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We love what we do.

Abby Shirazi is a full-time REALTOR® and loves working with clients to achieve their home and investment dreams. Real Estate isn’t just a job for us, it’s what we do, each and every day. We are thankful for the trust clients place in us and we derive deep personal satisfaction from the services we offer. Our reputation is based on how well we treat you and the outcome we were able to achieve. Our goal is to deliver an experience you'll want to tell others about. We’re not here to be mediocre, we’re here to do our best and be the best. 

We care about you.

We are focused on relationships. You are more than a transaction or a commission, we want to develop a relationship with you. As real estate professionals, we are here to promote and protect your interests, whatever they may be. We want to get to know you as an individual, as a family, and support your goals to achieve your real estate dreams.

We listen.

We want to learn about your goals and desires. It’s important for us to understand what kind of home you need and the way you want to live, so that we can guide you toward finding the right property, the best investment and a community you will love living in.

We are patient.

Finding the right home doesn’t happen overnight. We are here to support you until you find the right home and will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision. You only see what's currently on the market, but based upon our access, networks and experience we know what is likely to come on the market. If we think there's a better home out there for you-we'll let you know and give you options to consider.

We are honest.

We intend to earn (and keep) your trust throughout the entire purchase process. This means being honest and upfront with you and providing you with our professional opinion, when warranted. Sometimes we’ll provide honest feedback that you may not want to hear, but it’s important to us, that you have all of the information (and the right information) when making decisions. This will ensure you're well equipped when it comes to making the right move.

We are responsive.

You are important to us and we want you to feel valued, every step of the way. We return your calls, texts and emails with the same speed and consideration we demand from our own inquiries. We’re here to make sure your transaction is handled skillfully from beginning to end, and that you walk away from your experience feeling happy, confident and completely satisfied with the outcome.

We will be available.

Now, more than ever, timing is critical in viewing and securing a property you want to purchase. Sometimes, properties can go in contract within a matter of hours. Abby will personally ensure that there is always a REALTOR® to get you in the door as soon as your schedule allows and will personally oversee every aspect of your transaction, communicating with you every step of the way, in a timely and considerate manner.

We're tech-savvy and paperless.

Shirazi Group is affiliated with Coldwell Banker, which only uses the best tools and technology to aid in your search process and manage your purchase transaction. Our Buyers get instant property search alerts and access to special apps and tools, to help save properties of interest, send you updates and more. Through our paperless systems, our Buyers can complete offer documents in minutes from anywhere and on any device.

We know our neighborhoods.

At Shirazi Group, we know our neighborhoods and communities firsthand, and can share what makes them special, and how they might align with your needs and lifestyle. Every neighborhood has its ups and downs, best areas and areas that are still developing. Let us know which neighborhoods are of interest to you and we’ll provide you with a neighborhood fact sheet, including listings of schools, amenities, transportation hubs, demographics and more.

We want you to win.

Winning means getting you the outcome you’re looking for, while providing the best service and experience you could possibly have. There is no secret formula – the secret to winning in real estate is to be prepared, informed and persistent. At Shirazi Group, we make it our personal and professional goal, to make sure we do all we can for our clients, to achieve your goals and make sure you’re happy. That’s how we win. 

We have a strong network.

Shirazi Group has exclusive networks that we can tap into, based on relationship we have built across hundreds of industries. With Coldwell Banker backing us up, we have access to Canadian and global markets and clients and can network with targeted efficiency. We can also connect you to an extensive network of service partners that are devoted to our clients and operate at the same level of excellence and expertise that we do. We have the best lenders, inspectors, lawyers, designers and contractors to refer you to.

We want you to enjoy the experience.

Whether buying or selling, you’ll want to hire the agent who can market and negotiate the best possible outcome for you, while communicating with you every step of the way. Who you work with and trust, matters. Our job is to help ensure that the buying process is as easy and seamless as possible for you. Most of our business is referral based. That means our clients have had great experiences and recommend us to friends and family. And when our clients need to make a move, they want to hire us again. Our goal is to make sure you feel exactly the same way.

We are community focused.

Shirazi Group is committed to using real estate as a tool to build-up communities, develop needed infrastructure, support greater diversity and inclusion, and advocate for initiatives that make a community feel like home. Shirazi Group Real Estate is proud to support our local food banks, homeless shelters, youth sports teams and businesses. 

We are fun!

Who says real estate is boring? I would argue that it’s anything but! Real estate is an adventure, with many ups and downs, and twists and turns. It’s important to keep calm, maintain a balanced perspective and enjoy the process! We know that purchasing or selling a home is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, and we promise we’ll do a phenomenal job of promoting and protecting your interests, but be forewarned that we are fun, compassionate and charming as hell – and we deliver more because of it.